What is YMCA?

YMCA St Paul’s Group provides accommodation and supports vulnerable people, as well as offering activities for families and youth. We are an inclusive YMCA and welcome everyone in our day to day work in London and beyond.


We want everyone who has an involvement with YMCA St Paul’s Group to be met at their point of need and come to know life in all its fullness.


What does YMCA stand for?

Our vision is of “places where young people thrive and communities flourish”

Our mission is to be “an inclusive Christian Association transforming communities so that all young people can belong, contribute and thrive”

Our values define the culture in which are vision and mission are best delivered.


Our Values are:

  • We have an INCLUSIVE and relational approach to our work, that means we place people above process; demonstrating servant leadership in what we do
  • We take pride in providing services that are high quality. We want our EXCELLENT to be benchmarked against the best in the sector
  • We are ASPIRATIONAL for the people we work with and the services we provide. We seek to inspire a hope in others for what they might achieve
  • We are HONEST about our strengths and weaknesses, hoping for the best but aware of where we ourselves might be struggling



YMCA Dickerage Music Studio



Dickerage Music Studio is a local youth and community facility part of YMCA Dickerage Sports and Community Centre and managed by the YMCA St Paul's Group - the largest youth and community organisation in London.


Through our Partnership with the YMCA, Changing Tunes is able to utalise the local facility throughout the week to provide a range of targeted workshops, sessions and programmes to local young people. For more information, you can contact Daniel Slocombe or Allison Touhy on:


Daniel Slocombe

Youth Support Worker

YMCA St Paul's Group

E: DanielSlocombe@ymcaspg.org

T: 0208 942 1707


Opening Times

Tuesday - Friday: 12am - 5pm (Bookings* to the YMCA)

Saturday: 12am - 6pm (Changing Tunes)


* Bookings for young people aged 11-19 are FREE