Title: Community Interest Company Launch in February

Date: Sunday 2nd December 2018

Author: Marcus Dyke, Strategic Head of Education Support (marcus.dyke@changingtunes.co.uk)


From February 2019, Changing Tunes will be registered as a Community Interest Company and start working towards becoming a training provider. Our speciality would be working with young people who suffer from Mental Health and who are disengaged from school and providing them with opportunities to gain a number of qualifications. The majority of these qualifications would be Creative Arts related, e.g. the Arts Award or AQA Unit Award Scheme.


Out team will be working throughout December and January to prepare the project for its transition into business and working with relevent people and organisations to ensure that by September 2019, Changing Tunes is in active operation. For more information on this matter, you can see our Action Plan and Development Pages. You can also contact our Strategic Head on 07873 111 719.




Title: Youth Voice Service Launch in 2019!

Date: Saturday 1st December 2018

Author: Changing Tunes Administrator (info.changingtunes@gmail.com)


From January 2019, Changing Tunes will launch it's Youth Voice Service. The aim of this service will be to work with young people who are are/have suffered from Mental Health and using music and training, we will equip them with the necessary skills, qualities and attributes to be an advocate for young people with Mental Health.


Changing Tunes has already been informally working with their partners to develop and provider tasters of this survey, and will now be going into offical launch in January next year. To find out more about this new service, please see our Services page. You can also contact a member of the team on 07873 111 719.