Marcus Dyke

Chief Executive & Safeguarding Manager (DSL)

07873 111 719


"Hi. I'm Marcus and I'm the Head of Youth Work for Changing Tunes. I developed the Changing Tunes Project as a result of the increased crime rate in Kingston and Richmond, in addition to the spike in Young People's Knife Crime across London. I have worked for a range of Youth and Community organisations over the past 3 years ranging from Local Authorities to small Charities and my roles have included Youth Worker, Lead Worker for Youth Participation and Music Studio Coordinator. Changing Tunes is only in it's first stage at the moment, having recieved a £500 grant from GoThinkBig to run a pilot project. If the pilot project goes well, I will be looking to develop a service which deliveres Music Based Targeted Youth Work within Schools to engage at risk young people."


"I am thrilled to have led the project through it's Pilot phase and am please to lead the project into it's Business Launch in January 2019! As well as registering as a Business, Changing Tunes will also see a change in how the project has operated when it becomes a company and there will be an increased staff team of dedicated and enthusiastic people who are committed to supporting young people. We will be working with Local Schools and Organisations to deliver the work of the company. Stay posted!"



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