Outreach and Partnership Service


  • Working in partnership with youth work organisations to provide young people with the opportunity to engage in Creative Arts Youth Work
  • Utalising local community facilities to engage young people in Creative Arts where they would not usually have the opportunity to engage in these activities



  • Achieving for Children (Local Authority)
  • YMCA St. Paul's Group
  • Creative Youth



Education and Engagement Service


  • Work in Schools and Alternative Provision Centres to provide training and educational opportunities to young people who are at risk of exclusion and disengagement
  • Provide opportunities for young people to achieve ASDAN and AQA Unit Certificates in Creative Arts Areas through partner organisations
  • Break up young people timetable to work with them and provide them with Internal Respite from formal Education



Youth Voice Service


  • Work with young people who have/are suffering from Mental Health, to provide them with the opportunity to have their voice heard
  • Provide training and development opportunities for young people, so that they can be equipped with the relevent skills and knowledge to create social change
  • Usalise music as an effective mechanism to engage with young people and use it as a platform to provide young people with a voice