Changing Tunes Projects



The aim of the project is to provide music based early intervention in areas of Kingston and Richmond where young people have been identified as at risk of engaging in risky behaviours. The project will provide a safe space where young people can meet, develop skills, gain knowledge and understanding of issues that impact on their lives and have their say politically in their local community. The programmes will be designed to help young people build confidence and self-esteem and to aid their personal development to enable them to make safer, more informed decisions and choices and help them to become resilient responsible citizens.



We pride ourselves on our young people’s centred approach, responding to their diverse needs and driven by them at a pace and in a manner that is suitable to meet their own unique learning styles. Supporting them to develop as an individual and build resilience is at the core of our work.  To do this, we offer a more holistic approach, alongside our bespoke programme, to encourage young people to take up opportunities to develop their skills set and build their self-assurance and self-respect, maximising opportunities which will enable young people to stay safe and reach their full potential.


The holistic approach will also ensure that any extended support strategies are developed for young people who need it. This is particularly pertinent to young people who are LGBT or whom have learning difficulties, on the autistic spectrum and those with ADHD. These strategies will be discussed and co-ordinated with other professionals, parents or carers and of course the young person. The joined up approach ensures that the support needed in addressing additional needs is put in place and interventions around risky behaviour are sustainable.



The activities will be designed by qualified experienced youth worker’s in consultation with young people and parents. Additionally, it is up to the individual worker to use their professional judgement to complete their own ongoing assessment to further identify any additional needs and support that may be needed, and respond accordingly, leading to enhanced outcomes for young people.


The core areas on offer will be:

  • To provide opportunities for young people to develop skills and interest

  • To provide support, information. advice and guidance to young people and parents around issue that affect young people lives such as sexual health and appropriate relationships, LGBT issues, mental wellbeing and transition to secondary school, to name but a few

  • To raise self-worth and help young people recognise their own potential.

  • To help Y/P develop the ability to problem solve independently and make informed decisions and choices which will keep them safe

  • To provide effective techniques and strategies to help young people avoid risky situations.

  • To build self-esteem & self-confidence

  • To identify what young people are good at and raise aspirations to enable them to reach their full potential

  • Where needed to sign post young people and parents to other professional bodies to ensure all needs are met



To create a suitable group work environment that meets the needs of the young people and where they feel comfortable and relaxed and learn through experimentation. Young people will be given the opportunity to take part in a positive activity programme of various sports, cooking and arts and craft in an open access generic style youth club. Young people will be able to make friends, develop skills and have their say and take on challenges in a safe caring environment.

  • Young people will be offered one to one support where applicable, which can create a high level of interaction and rapport between the worker and the young person

  • The strength of the relationship between the workers and young person is crucial to the success and impact of the programme as it ensures honesty, trust and enables the worker to have a positive influence on the young person

  • Workers are responsible for monitoring the impact of the work and identifying and accessing further support where appropriate



The overall outcome will be that young people become re-engaged with education and other support services to aid their personal, social, emotional and intellectual development, in addition to their transition into adulthood. Additional outcomes can include:

  • Awareness raising and preventative education to improve the welfare of children and young people who have additional needs

  • Increased self-worth and self-esteem and resilience, through participating in positive activities and experiential learning

  • Increased knowledge and understanding of core issues relating to improving and maintaining good mental health

  • Create self-awareness around their own vulnerability levels and encourage a greater understanding of how to stay safe and minimise risky behaviour

  • Changed behaviours and enlightened attitude

  • Raise aspirations and improved peer group relations